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No matter what your media packaging challenge is, Infiniti Media, Inc. can deliver turn-key solutions for your enterprise at unparalleled speed and quality.
Afforable Recordable Media for a wide range of applications, including audio and video recording, and data archiving.

About us

INFINITI MEDIA, INC. takes tremendous pride in responding to the CD/DVD media packaging needs of the movie, music and video gaming industries. Knowing that immediate attention to customer needs is essential within a fast-moving recording industry, Infiniti responds with prompt service through one of our several strategically located distribution centers within the continental United States.
As a full-service solutions provider, INFINITI MEDIA offers complete custom solutions including prototyping, design engineering and production manufacturing.
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Infiniti Media on sustainable packaging:

we have a number of initiatives focused on improving the environmental impact of our products:
  1. Reduced weight of plastic packaging for DVD?s (25%)
  2. Developing DVD and CD packaging using combinations of paper and plastic which results in much less total plastic in the package (e.g., doubles)
  3. Use of recycled plastic in our packaging (post-consumer as available, substantial post-industrial)
  4. Package design to reduce package size, e.g., Blu-ray, 7 mm, doubles, etc. which results in better shipping efficiency.
  5. Implementation of energy efficient manufacturing equipment.
  6. Local supply with JIT to many of our customers (less energy used for freight and extra handling). Freight from China requires significant energy for transport.
  7. Reduction of shipping packaging by improved pack out design on the skid.
  8. Use of liquid color which eliminates the energy intensive compounding step used for pellet based colorants.