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Ritek CD-R & DVD-R


RITEK is certified under QS 9000. Each RITEK CD-R has to pass multiple quality control tests before it is released, making it the most reliable digital data storage media.

These Ritek Inkjet Printable CD-R's have a new quick dry smooth surface. These new discs are superior in quality to the paper like rough surface most of you are accustomed to. They dry much quicker than other inkjet printable CD-R's and have a smoother surface that absorbs ink a lot better.

These Ritek CD-R's are certified to write 1X - 48X! These CD-R's are perfect for inkjet printing with the Epson 900, Primera Signature, and other inkjet printers! The Ritek Inkjet printable CD-R's are of the highest quality and offered at the best price.

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